The Oklahoman, Jim Thorpe

The feature story on Jim Thorpe, one of Oklahoma’s favorite athletes is more than a good read. As usual, Oklahoma Today has successfully identified a story about an Oklahoman that NEEDED to be told.

This story as a whole is of course much longer than a regular “newsy” type story. It takes time to use vivid details and smart quotes. They begin the story with a compelling scene of an athlete sitting in silence as excitement and bustle happens around him. This immediately hooked me into reading more. Why was he silent? What was he thinking?

As the story moves on it weaves a tale of success, setbacks, and family-all emotions any reader can identify with. It has a steady pace that is easy to follow. Its closing is a little open ended, but so is the Jim Thorpe story. It evoked emotion and invites the reader to “come and say hi” at the Jim Thorpe Museum as its subtle call to action.


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I am Emily Bryant. I am employed by Cadet Command in Army ROTC. I work with communications for ROTC. In my down time I go to Oklahoma State, work on my Army career, and hang out with my fiance and my roommates.
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