This week I will be looking at a blog that has…raised my confidence. Everyone and their dog is on Pinterest. And most people feel like what they read on Pinterest is either too good to be true, or slightly insane.

Lucky to know we are not alone! The “Pintester” is a woman who is taking on the most popular Pinterest pins. Every week she either succeeds, or fails at creating a pin and is ever so classy while doing so.


The Pintester blog includes a place for the press to inquire, contact information, advertising info, and even a store. She does have a background on herself, but it is incomplete. The writing is rated R, which doesn’t bother me but may be inappropriate for the average reader. She always includes pictures and a complete play-by-play of the pinning process as it transpires.

So if you need a pin-pick-me-up, swing over to and join the reality that is the Pintester.


About embryant10

I am Emily Bryant. I am employed by Cadet Command in Army ROTC. I work with communications for ROTC. In my down time I go to Oklahoma State, work on my Army career, and hang out with my fiance and my roommates.
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