If you Scrooge, you lose.

This holiday season, take a break. Use it for what it’s worth. It is a break from the norm, it is an excuse to celebrate, and it is a time to come together.

All the time people look for something to break up their day, something to break up their daily routine and prevent the mundane.  But all too often I hear people complaining about the holidays. I hear complaining about crowds, complaining about Christmas music, and complaining about the extra money that is spent. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Look at what the holidays really are:

Thanksgiving: it really kicks off this holiday season. It is a special day when we get to gather with our families and just celebrate each other. Yes, a long time ago some pilgrims and indians gathered and celebrated a successful harvest. What harvest do you have to celebrate. My harvest this year included my family is comparatively healthy, my friends are safe, and I have an outstanding boyfriend. I go to a great school that I love, I can walk, and each and I get to go to sleep every night in a warm bed under a warm roof. What is your harvest? Take a minute, and celebrate it.

Then we move on to the Christmas season: The season itself is about seeing joy in the little things. I would like to think this is a refresher course in taking joy in the every day. We shouldn’t save up all of our joy for one month out of the year! This season we all experience the joy of GIVING as we prepare to bless our friends and family with a special something that we took great lengths to think out. We experience joy in the music, in the food, and in the decorations that surround us. Can you imagine if we invested such attention to detail all year ’round?!

Christmas Day: We wake up and thank God for the most unselfish gift of all, his son Jesus.  Is there a more perfect example of  humbleness, unselfishness, and giving?

New Years: It is a fresh start, yet also a continuation. So many use this day to find ways to improve themselves. I think we should try to improve ourselves all the time, but this reminds us that we should never become complacent, and never stop trying.

The holidays are a blessing. I see them, however, as practice for the rest of the year.


About embryant10

I am Emily Bryant. I am employed by Cadet Command in Army ROTC. I work with communications for ROTC. In my down time I go to Oklahoma State, work on my Army career, and hang out with my fiance and my roommates.
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