Get out there and make it happen.

There’s nothing that can satisfy you more than doing something good for another person.

It makes you feel good down to your core.

People find different ways to help others out.

Maybe your heart breaks for children, or elderly. Maybe it breaks for the homeless or orphans.

My heart breaks for soldiers.

On my main page you can find a link to “”

SA is an organization that allows you to adopt a soldier at the beginning of their deployment and send them a care package a week and a letter a month. The soldiers on this site are soldiers that CO’s have noticed don’t recieve much mail, so you are the primary motivating force from “back home” for these heroes.

Whatever your heart breaks for, there’s a way you can help. Do what you can to seek out a way to help your cause and stay involved. It doesn’t take much money, and it doesn’t take much time. All it takes is your commitment.

In the same way that people who don’t vote shouldn’t complain, people who don’t get involved don’t have an excuse to complain either.


About embryant10

I am Emily Bryant. I am employed by Cadet Command in Army ROTC. I work with communications for ROTC. In my down time I go to Oklahoma State, work on my Army career, and hang out with my fiance and my roommates.
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