Oh the places you’ll go.

So many times a teacher has read a classroom the book, a sincere graduation attendee wraps up the book, or a poem inspirationally hangs above a place of learning to help give you the boost you need to keep on a truckin’. All of these occurrences happened due to one goal: that the person hearing or reading the words the Seuss man himself will be inspired to do more and to live the best they can.

One day, while a 16 year old girl sat in a hospital in Boston, waiting for her lunch break to be up, she read that book and remembered why she was where she was, and the purpose she had. She endured grueling 8 hour days of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a visit to the psychologist in hopes that she would one day walk again. Although doctors had told her this might not happen, and if it did it’d be extremely painful, she pressed on. God had called her on a mission: that mission was to be in the Army.

Yes, I was that fighting 16-year-old. I was, and am fighting a rare nerve disease for which there isn’t a cure. But when I look back on my life thus far, I have to smile. Oh the places I’ve been!!

I’ve wore my bright shiny new Keds while flying off a merry-go-round at the playground that my daddy had taken me to for a play date. I’ve wore tap and ballet shoes in hopes of becoming a famous dancer (take it away Molly girl!!). I’ve laced up basketball shoes and played in games with my friends and attended grueling week-long basketball camps. đŸ˜‰ (They’re only grueling if you have no talent.) I’ve strapped on 6 different walking boots and tried to negotiate the halls of Jay Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. I’ve slipped on my heels and danced the night away at prom. I’ve gone barefoot in my yard during summer, wore fuzzy socks in my home during winter, and wore out countless pairs of running shoes trying to get in shape. I’ve seen my feet on elephants, swimming in exotic waterfalls, and shoved in Chloroforms biking to teach English to eager young Thai cadets.

And here I am, in my combat boots. Just like I said I’d be. The places I’ve been, and the places I’ll go.


I guess I’m writing to encourage both myself and whomever my reader might be. Life goes on. It’s all about the adventure, and living for today.


Oh the places YOU’LL go.


About embryant10

I am Emily Bryant. I am employed by Cadet Command in Army ROTC. I work with communications for ROTC. In my down time I go to Oklahoma State, work on my Army career, and hang out with my fiance and my roommates.
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